Carport Lighting Project

Carport Lighting Project Are the carport lights at your business or apartment building too dim?  That can be a safety issue!!  You want your employees or residents to feel safe when they are coming and going.  Check out this exterior lighting project we just completed at an apartment complex—making the carports nice and bright!  If… Continue reading Carport Lighting Project

Sign Lighting Advantages

SIGN LIGHTING ADVANTAGES Why should you care about your business sign lighting?   Because your business signage is the first thing customers see when they arrive at your business!   Signs play a crucial role in not only identifying your business, but also providing direction and advertising to your customers.  Illuminated signs can be found at almost… Continue reading Sign Lighting Advantages

Electrical Myths

Electrical Myths – True or False There are many common myths when it comes to electricity. Read the information below and test your knowledge about common electrical myths.  True or False? “Wood is an Insulator.” False. Actually, wood is a conductor-but not a good one. The molecules in wood are far apart so it’s hard… Continue reading Electrical Myths

Improve Employee Productivity with Lighting!

Can you improve productivity with lighting?  Productivity in the workplace can be affected by many things, but one factor employers may overlook is the significant role of lighting.  Lighting can affect mood, productivity, alertness, creativity, and even our circadian rhythms.  It appears lighting can also have an impact on an employee’s satisfaction.  One study conducted… Continue reading Improve Employee Productivity with Lighting!

The Benefits of LED Lighting


If you haven’t heard or read about it already, let us bring you up to speed on LED lighting and its many advantages.  LEDs, or light-emitting diodes, are small light sources that become illuminated by the movement of electrons through a semiconductor material.  LEDs are extremely efficient and long-lasting.  In fact, when you compare them… Continue reading The Benefits of LED Lighting

Prepare for Unpredictable Kansas City Weather with a Backup Generator!

With the active weather and strong storms we experienced here in the Midwest this spring, you may find yourself wondering if your business needs a generator “just in case”. Keep reading to see if a generator may be a good choice to protect your business. Reduce Employee Downtime– When power outages occur, this leaves employees,… Continue reading Prepare for Unpredictable Kansas City Weather with a Backup Generator!

Electrical Safety Tips

A Few Common Electrical Tips to Avoid Mistakes and Injury As most of us know, when working with electricity, safety is of the utmost importance.  While many small, electrical jobs around the house can be accomplished by the average person, many larger and especially commercial jobs cannot.  The average person is typically unaware of the… Continue reading Electrical Safety Tips

Electrical Tips

Commercial Electrical Tips In a commercial setting, there’s a lot more to think about when it comes to electricity usage.  In a business, there are many more things to consider than in a home, with more equipment, higher voltages and the safety of many more people at stake.  Businesses frequently ask for electrical tips to… Continue reading Electrical Tips

Smoke Detectors

SMOKE DETECTORS AND FIRE SAFETY IN A BUSINESS SETTING     Commercial Requirements and Recommendations According to OSHA Standard Number 1910.164(e)(2), employers must assure that fire detection systems and smoke detectors installed for the purpose of employee alarm and evacuation be designed and installed to provide a warning for emergency action and safe escape of… Continue reading Smoke Detectors