Lighting Retrofits

Tailored Lighting Retrofit Solutions

Trademark Electric is an industry leader in both interior and exterior lighting retrofits for commercial and industrial customers. We believe lighting is the lowest hanging fruit of energy conservation, and we’ve designed our approach to get you the best results.

A lighting retrofit improves the quality of light in your facility and creates a positive impact on your customers and your employees.  While the main benefit is lower energy bills, other benefits include greater control over lighting, improved lighting quality, safety, reduced maintenance costs and a lower carbon footprint. 

Consider the following:

  • Up to 40 percent of the energy bill in a commercial building is attributable to the lighting system.
  • When you consider how electricity costs are skyrocketing, better energy management just makes good business sense. Start by renovating your fixtures with new, more efficient lighting technology and controls.
  • Lighting retrofits are one of the most common and effective energy conservation measures available. Replacing T-12 lights and magnetic ballasts with T-8 lights or HID lights and electronic ballasts saves energy. In addition, these newer lights and ballasts provide a better quality of light, are quieter and last longer.

We have provided Kansas City lighting retrofits for many clients.  A few of our past projects are shown below.