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Posted on May 03, 2023


Commercial Requirements and Recommendations

According to OSHA Standard Number 1910.164(e)(2), employers must assure that fire detection systems installed for the purpose of employee alarm and evacuation be designed and installed to provide a warning for emergency action and safe escape of employees.

The NFPA or National Fire Protection Association requires hardwired smoke detectors be placed at every level of commercial buildings.  The hardwiring helps prevent tampering and relocation.  The NFPA also requires hardwired smoke detectors be installed in every stairwell and within 10 feet of any cooking appliance in your building.  It is also recommended that they be installed on every floor of the building in addition to those in stairwells; one in every sleeping area and one in every bedroom.

Maintenance and Testing

Employers shall maintain all systems in an operable condition except during repairs or maintenance.  The employer shall also assure that fire detectors and fire detection systems are tested and adjusted as often as needed to maintain proper reliability and operating condition except that factory calibrated detectors need not be adjusted after installation.

Employers shall assure that the servicing, maintenance and testing of fire detection systems, including cleaning and necessary sensitivity adjustments are performed by a trained person knowledgeable in the operations and functions of the system.

Trademark Electric would be happy to help with the installation and testing of your smoke detectors and fire alarms.

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Electrical Tips

Posted on Mar 24, 2023

Commercial Electrical Tips

In a commercial setting, there’s a lot more to think about when it comes to electricity usage.  In a business, there are many more things to consider than in a home, with more equipment, higher voltages and the safety of many more people at stake.  Businesses frequently ask for electrical tips to keep things running efficiently.  Our professional team of commercial electricians in the Kansas City area understands as well as anyone that safety and efficiency are paramount when it comes to commercial electricity usage.  Here are some important commercial electrical tips for new business owners to keep in mind.

Staff Safety

The safety of a business’ staff is of utmost importance.  This is one reason why employees involved in day-to-day operations should be made aware of the business’ electrical system.  Educate all employees on where to find your business’ power source and teach them how to safely shut it down in the event of an emergency.  All switches in your breaker box should be clearly labeled, and if your electrical panel still relies on fuses, you may consider upgrading.  Always keep your employees educated on how to deal with safety hazards.  Keep employees informed about how electrical safety benefits your business and everyone associated with it – including your customers.

Generators for Businesses

When the power goes out, it’s essential for businesses to have a backup power source.  For a business to lose power can mean losing revenue.  Without a power supply, equipment or stock could be damaged, further affecting your business’ bottom line.  Investing in a permanent backup power source allows a company’s business flow to continue operations during the loss of electricity.

Benefits of Investing in a Generator

  • Power your lighting, interior and exterior
  • Keep your security system running at all times
  • Save electronic data
  • Keep staff and customers comfortable
  • Continue to keep food refrigerated/frozen

Switching to LED Lighting

In addition to equipment and appliances, commercial buildings also require a large number of lights to operate efficiently.  Whether you are in manufacturing, retail or other services, nearly every workspace and customer area should be fully lit during business hours.  If your business is using anything other than LED lighting to illuminate these spaces, you’re due for an upgrade.  Compared to other common lighting solutions, LED fixtures use less energy, have greater durability and a much longer lifespan.  Converting to LED lighting is a service offered by Trademark, and it’s an upgrade that can save your business on energy costs.

Routine Electrical Inspections

Some electrical hazards are easily spotted, but other hazards will likely only be spotted by a trained electrician.  Be sure to schedule regular electrical inspections for your business.  These inspections are generally inexpensive, and they bring a great deal of peace of mind, as you can be confident that any electrical issues will be discovered and can be dealt with before becoming a danger.

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Electrical Safety Tips

Posted on Feb 14, 2023

A Few Common Electrical Tips to Avoid Mistakes and Injury

As most of us know, when working with electricity, safety is of the utmost importance.  While many small, electrical jobs around the house can be accomplished by the average person, many larger and especially commercial jobs cannot.  The average person is typically unaware of the precautions and safety measures that are needed.

Before you begin work, always turn off the circuit breaker (or remove the fuse) before repairing or replacing electrical equipment.  This seems like a no-brainer, but many do-it-yourselfers receive electric shock injuries each year.

Always use the correct sized wires and cables.  The term “gauge” refers to the size that electrical wire comes in and the area in which it should be used.  Different jobs call for different sized wires.  If the wrong sized wire is used, overheating and shorting of the fuse or circuit breaker can result.

Ensure that all connections in a fuse box are tight and placed correctly.  Loose connections can cause lights and electrical equipment to flicker or short.  In the worst case, the circuits can overheat.  If you suspect a problem with your fuse connections, have them inspected by an electrician.

While these are some of the most common electrical mistakes made, there are many other dangerous mistakes that can lead to injuries, property damage, or worse.  If you are not sure about a project or feel you are in over your head, please call a professional.  In most cases, it is not worth the risk.

Contact Trademark Electric for help with your commercial projects.  Contact Trademark Electric


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Does Your Business Need a Generator?

Posted on Jul 08, 2019

With the active weather and strong storms we experienced here in the Midwest this spring, you may find yourself wondering if your business needs a generator “just in case”. Keep reading to see if a generator may be a good choice to protect your business.

Reduce Employee Downtime– When power outages occur, this leaves employees, customers, and in some cases, even healthcare patients in the dark. A generator can supply back up power within seconds of an outage, ensuring that your business keeps running smoothly.

Maintain System Connections– With most business records and countless daily transactions dependent on computers and networks, a generator can provide peace of mind when an outage occurs, allowing your network and systems to maintain necessary power and information when properly programmed.

Beat the Heat– With blazing temperatures outside outages can leave employees and customers feeling the heat inside, too. Keep them cool with a generator to keep HVAC units up and running when outages occur. It will not only be greatly appreciated, but it will be business as usual for everyone as well!


Don’t let the threat of spring and summer storms put a damper on your business plans. Let Trademark Electric install your generator system and have peace of mind all summer long!




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Improve Employee Productivity with Lighting!

Posted on Oct 02, 2018

Productivity in the workplace can be affected by many things, but one factor employers may overlook is the significant role of lighting.  Lighting can affect mood, productivity, alertness, creativity, and even our circadian rhythms.  It appears lighting can also have an impact on an employee’s satisfaction.  One study conducted by the American Society of Interior Design revealed that 68 percent of employees complain about the lighting situation in their offices.  With such a significant complaint percentage, it would behoove businesses to review their current lighting situation.


Individual Lighting Controls

How can companies design workspaces to achieve optimal lighting for productivity, mood, and creativity?  One option is to have lighting controls at individual workstations.  It seems that control over one’s environment helps employees feel better and produce more.  It allows employees to create the atmosphere they feel they need to work effectively.

Color Temperature

A more significant factor influencing the workplace is the color temperature of the light source.  Temperature of light, measured in Kelvin (K), is a numerical measurement of the color that’s emitted when an object is heated in increasingly higher temperatures.  As the temperature increases, the object changes colors and emits certain colors of light.

For instance, higher color temperatures (4,600K or more) appear blue-white and are called cool or daylight colors.  Mid-range color temperatures (3,100K – 4,600K) appear cool white.  Lower color temperatures (up to 3,000K) range from red to yellowish-white in tone and are called warm colors.

Use warm lighting in intimate settings or break rooms to produce a cozy, inviting feel.  Use cool white lighting in conference rooms, as this produces a welcoming feel, but still cool enough to keep everyone alert.  Use cool lighting in brainstorming rooms.  Cool lighting has been shown to improve alertness, mood, and productivity.  It lowers melatonin and reduces fatigue.

Natural Lighting

Based on the above information, cooler light is the most beneficial for the work setting.  However, if you can add natural sunlight, with skylight and/or windows, it would add even more benefits to employee health.  Natural light has been found to decrease depression, improve mood, energy and alertness.

Blue-Enriched Lighting

Unfortunately, not everyone can take down walls and add windows.  If adding windows is not an option, studies have shown that working under blue-enriched light bulbs that are 17,000K can actually increase work performance.  Research at the University of Greenwich found in a two-month study that workers who were put under “blue-enriched light bulbs” reported feeling “happier, more alert and had less eye strain.”

Spending some time designing your workplace environment around lighting can help the business’s bottom line by increasing employee performance, mood, and creativity—a win-win for both employers and employees!

If you need assistance with your lighting design and/or installation, Trademark Electric, Inc. would be happy to provide your lighting solutions.  Contact us at 816-442-8101 today!

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Reasons to Consider an LED Retrofit for Your Business

Posted on Sep 22, 2017

These days, green is the new black. With consumers becoming more eco-conscious about their purchases, better lighting options are abundant. Here are a few reasons why switching to LED lighting is beneficial for a greener workplace while also keeping more green in your wallet!

Life Expectancy The life expectancy of some LED bulbs is up to 100,000 hours. At 100% operation this is about 11 years. At 50%, this gives about 22 years for just one bulb or fixture. Their longevity also means less maintenance and upkeep. When bulbs eventually do start to age and fail, they tend to simply give off less light gradually over time instead of burning out at once, which can indicate in advance for you to expect an upcoming call to your electrician for service.

Efficiency LED bulbs are very energy efficient; they rate between 80%-90% efficiency-meaning 80%-90% of the energy they use is allocated toward the actual light they emit. With incandescent bulbs, only about 20% of their energy goes toward emitting light, while the rest is turned into heat and other forms of energy that are wasted or simply unwanted.

Durability LED’s are built with highly durable components that can easily withstand shock, vibration, and external impacts as well as rain, wind, and severe weather. They are also better able to perform in extremely hot or cold temperatures in which other types of lighting, for example fluorescents, can struggle and lose lighting quality and overall functionality.

Emissions LED lighting gives off very little infrared light and close to zero UV emissions, making it ideal for heat sensitive goods and materials, as well as the illumination of delicate items, such as art and historical documents displayed in museums and galleries.

Electricity Cost Savings Finally, our favorite reason! LED lighting really does save money. They are more affordable now than ever, and due to fierce competition-almost every lighting manufacturer makes them; they are definitely a realistic alternative. Even though they are still more expensive than incandescent lighting, if you factor in things like lifespan and actual energy usage, they will no doubt pay for themselves over time, while allowing the consumer to save in electric costs immediately!

So, you see, LED lighting is a great idea not only for environmental reasons but for quality of lighting and savings, too! Contact us for a quote for an LED retrofit for your business or project today!


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Clean Energy Tax Incentives for Small Businesses

Posted on Dec 22, 2016

As a business owner the thought of spending money on making your business more energy efficient may seem overwhelming. We have all heard how doing so can save money and resources in the long run, yet that still might not ease our minds when we cannot always physically see immediate savings, especially when it comes to energy usage. Many cities, Kansas City included, now offer rebates for upgrades such as installing new HVAC units, energy-efficient lighting, water heating systems, and certain building and facility upgrades. Most standard rebates do not need pre-approval for these upgrades, only a simple form and accompanying documentation submitted after completion of the project- assuming the upgrades meet all necessary requirements.

With tax season just around the corner, rebates and tax incentives are something to consider with the start of a new year. Tax credits for certain upgrades in addition to rebates from local electric companies are making the possibility of becoming energy efficient a cost effective reality for business owners everywhere. Let Trademark Electric help you with your electrical upgrade needs this upcoming year to make sure you receive those rebates and credits come next tax season. Even if it is something small, such as switching to L.E.D bulbs or a bigger job such as retrofitting parking areas and building lighting, Trademark Electric does it all!

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ill Paw Shop?

Posted on Oct 03, 2016

Have you ever driven down a busy road and noticed a store with a half-lit business sign? Sometimes you chuckle if you notice it spells out something funny like ” ill Paw Shop” instead of “Bill’s Pawn Shop.” Sometimes you may come across a sign that is completely dark. If you’re a new customer trying to find that particular store, that’s not helpful at all. Does it ever make you think, why don’t they just replace the bulbs in their sign? Seems easy, right?

That’s where Trademark Electric comes in. Part of what we do, besides replacing the burned out lights in your sign, is to keep checking back, on a regular basis, to make sure your lights are still bright and working at night. As a very busy business owner, that’s one less thing you have to worry about. It’s difficult to measure how many potential customers are lost due to the fact they couldn’t find you because your sign was dark. Why spend time and money on advertising when people can’t find you?  If your sign is dark, dim or half-lit, you’re not putting your best foot forward. Trademark can help you with that. We’re here for even your seemingly smallest electrical needs. And we’ll be there for you long term. Just give us a call today!

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Who is Trademark?

Posted on Jun 12, 2015

Brett Magee, Owner and President

Brett is the owner and President of Trademark Electric, Inc.  He is a Master Electrician with over 20 years of commercial electrical experience. Brett understands what his government and commercial clients need.  He’s passionate about quality customer service, and recognizes the power of business integrity.











Melissa McNeill, Office Manager

Melissa is the one who keeps our operation going.  She has a BA degree in Business Administration, and 15 years business experience with major corporations including:  5  years in project management, 5 years in finance, and 2 years in strategic planning and development.  She’s responsible for the management of all accounting, financial, administrative, and personnel operations.

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Lynn Pridemore, Administrative/Accounting Assistant

Lynn is our administrative support professional.  She has over 20 years of office experience.   Her organizational skills help keep everything running smoothly and the support she provides to our customers is outstanding.


Shawn Dahlstrom, Operations and Service Manager

Shawn is in charge of the day-to-day operations of our Service Department. He coordinates service calls to support customer’s needs and strives to ensure we get jobs done in a timely manner.  Shawn also oversees the Shipping/Receiving and Procurement departments.


Robert Howell, Estimator / Sales

Robert is our Industrial and Government Project Estimator.  Robert’s skills, experience and meticulous attention to detail make him one of the best in the business!


The Electricians!

These guys are the heart of Trademark.  This is just a few of their faces.  It’s proven difficult to get a picture of them all together because they’re busy working hard in the field every day doing quality work and maintaining Trademark’s amazing reputation.  We are thankful for the continued loyalty of our electricians and excited about a future with our newest guys. Together they bring many, many years of experience in electrical contracting. We couldn’t do it without them.















Each employee plays an important part on our team. We are thankful for everyone’s hard work.

Please remember Trademark for all your commercial and government electrical contracting needs!

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