Sign Lighting Advantages


Why should you care about your business sign lighting?   Because your business signage is the first thing customers see when they arrive at your business!   Signs play a crucial role in not only identifying your business, but also providing direction and advertising to your customers.  Illuminated signs can be found at almost every type of business—from large to small—because they are one of the most effective ways to stand out.  Here is a look at a few advantages of sign lighting.


Day or night, illuminated signs can be read easily from near or far.  A glowing sign can act as a beacon in the night, drawing customers to your location.  Even if you have the address to a business, signage is the main way customers locate and recognize a business.  Illuminated signs provide immediate visibility, can help get your business noticed by new customers, and remind consumers of your presence  24/7 (whereas traditional signage will disappear at night).   Signs are one of the best ways of getting new customers.  In fact, one study found that more than half of customers surveyed discovered businesses through on-premise signage.   


Sign lighting is a great way to differentiate your business from the competition.  Illuminated signs convey sophistication and professionalism, giving customers assurance that the business cares about its appearance and market status.   Well-designed signage will remain in customers’ minds and not only increase loyalty, but reinforce customer trust. 


Proper signage gives your business unmatched exposure, therefore the more unique your sign, the more a customer will see it and remember it.  RGB LED sign lighting can provide color-changing accents and produce over 4 billion color combinations to both attract the attention of your customers and brand your business.  There are virtually limitless possibilities.  A distinctive and well-lit sign can have a significant impact on how well customers remember your brand.


When it comes to sign lighting, LED lights are the most resourceful option.  LED bulbs require less wattage and last longer compared to traditional fluorescent and incandescent bulbs.  LED signs are often powered by 12 volts DC.  In comparison, neon is powered by 4,000 to 15,000 volt AC.   Less wattage means lower electricity costs, which saves businesses money.    LED uplighting can also be an effective and cost efficient way to light your signage.


One of the most effective methods for leading customers to your business is through the use of sign lighting.  There are endless sign lighting options to consider. Once installed, your illuminated sign will increase your business visibility, attract customers, raise brand awareness, and advertise your location.   Whether you need to add lighting, repair lighting, or upgrade your lighting, Trademark Electric, Inc. has extensive experience with sign lighting.  Contact us today to discuss your project and discover the benefits that sign lighting has to offer!