Prepare for Unpredictable Kansas City Weather with a Backup Generator!

With the active weather and strong storms we experienced here in the Midwest this spring, you may find yourself wondering if your business needs a generator “just in case”. Keep reading to see if a generator may be a good choice to protect your business.

Reduce Employee Downtime– When power outages occur, this leaves employees, customers, and in some cases, even healthcare patients in the dark. A generator can supply back up power within seconds of an outage, ensuring that your business keeps running smoothly.

Maintain System Connections– With most business records and countless daily transactions dependent on computers and networks, a generator can provide peace of mind when an outage occurs, allowing your network and systems to maintain necessary power and information when properly programmed.

Beat the Heat– With blazing temperatures outside outages can leave employees and customers feeling the heat inside, too. Keep them cool with a generator to keep HVAC units up and running when outages occur. It will not only be greatly appreciated, but it will be business as usual for everyone as well!


Don’t let the threat of spring and summer storms put a damper on your business plans. Let Trademark Electric install your generator system and have peace of mind all summer long!