Smoke Detectors


Commercial Requirements and Recommendations

According to OSHA Standard Number 1910.164(e)(2), employers must assure that fire detection systems and smoke detectors installed for the purpose of employee alarm and evacuation be designed and installed to provide a warning for emergency action and safe escape of employees. 

The NFPA or National Fire Protection Association requires hardwired smoke detectors be placed at every level of commercial buildings.  The hardwiring helps prevent tampering and relocation.  The NFPA also requires hardwired smoke detectors be installed in every stairwell and within 10 feet of any cooking appliance in your building.  It is also recommended that they be installed on every floor of the building in addition to those in stairwells; one in every sleeping area and one in every bedroom. 

Maintenance and Testing 

Employers shall maintain all systems in an operable condition except during repairs or maintenance.  The employer shall also assure that fire detectors and fire detection systems are tested and adjusted as often as needed to maintain proper reliability and operating condition except that factory calibrated detectors need not be adjusted after installation. 

Employers shall assure that the servicing, maintenance and testing of fire detection systems, including cleaning and necessary sensitivity adjustments are performed by a trained person knowledgeable in the operations and functions of the system. 

Trademark Electric would be happy to help with the installation and testing of your smoke detectors and fire alarms.