Electrical Tips

Commercial Electrical Tips

In a commercial setting, there’s a lot more to think about when it comes to electricity usage.  In a business, there are many more things to consider than in a home, with more equipment, higher voltages and the safety of many more people at stake.  Businesses frequently ask for electrical tips to keep things running efficiently.  Our professional team of commercial electricians in the Kansas City area understands as well as anyone that safety and efficiency are paramount when it comes to commercial electricity usage.  Here are some important commercial electrical tips for new business owners to keep in mind.

Staff Safety

The safety of a business’ staff is of utmost importance.  This is one reason why employees involved in day-to-day operations should be made aware of the business’ electrical system.  Educate all employees on where to find your business’ power source and teach them how to safely shut it down in the event of an emergency.  All switches in your breaker box should be clearly labeled, and if your electrical panel still relies on fuses, you may consider upgrading.  Always keep your employees educated on how to deal with safety hazards.  Keep employees informed about how electrical safety benefits your business and everyone associated with it – including your customers.

Generators for Businesses

When the power goes out, it’s essential for businesses to have a backup power source.  For a business to lose power can mean losing revenue.  Without a power supply, equipment or stock could be damaged, further affecting your business’ bottom line.  Investing in a permanent backup power source allows a company’s business flow to continue operations during the loss of electricity.

Benefits of Investing in a Generator

  • Power your lighting, interior and exterior
  • Keep your security system running at all times
  • Save electronic data
  • Keep staff and customers comfortable
  • Continue to keep food refrigerated/frozen

Switching to LED Lighting

In addition to equipment and appliances, commercial buildings also require a large number of lights to operate efficiently.  Whether you are in manufacturing, retail or other services, nearly every workspace and customer area should be fully lit during business hours.  If your business is using anything other than LED lighting to illuminate these spaces, you’re due for an upgrade.  Compared to other common lighting solutions, LED fixtures use less energy, have greater durability and a much longer lifespan.  Converting to LED lighting is a service offered by Trademark, and it’s an upgrade that can save your business on energy costs.

Routine Electrical Inspections

Some electrical hazards are easily spotted, but other hazards will likely only be spotted by a trained electrician.  Be sure to schedule regular electrical inspections for your business.  These inspections are generally inexpensive, and they bring a great deal of peace of mind, as you can be confident that any electrical issues will be discovered and can be dealt with before becoming a danger.