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Heat Trace


Heat Trace - photo1Trademark Electric is also Kansas City’s leading provider for Heat Trace control and Design, Process Instrumentation and Control Solutions. An electric heat tracing system can be used to compensate for heat losses and to maintain a minimum temperature (i.e. to prevent freezing).

In most cases, a heat tracing cable is pulled into trace conduits in long circuit lengths, after the pipes have been field assembled.

Heat tracing cables can be easily controlled. The choice of cable and controls is dependent on the type of pipe being used. Heat tracing cables may be installed continuously on water and sewer lines, or only at specific locations which are susceptible to freezing such as road crossings, fire hydrants, shallow bury locations, etc.

Because of the relatively high cost of electrical energy, these systems are usually installed for freeze protection in the event of a prolonged no flow condition.



Heat-Trace---photo3Applications that may require heat tracing include:

• Pipe freeze protection

• Process heating maintenance

• Temperature regulation

• Long-line heating

• Tank heating

• Temperature control and monitoring

• Hot water temperature maintenance

• Safety shower freeze protection


Heat-Trace--photo2Typical Systems Can Include:

• Power connections

• Thermostats or Remote Temperature Monitoring

• Constant Heat, Self-Regulating, or Power-Limiting Cables

• Continuity Indicators

• Tank Pad Heaters and Surface Warming Arrays

• Monitoring Panels and Alarm Panels