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Reasons to Consider an LED Retrofit for Your Business

These days, green is the new black. With consumers becoming more eco-conscious about their purchases, better lighting options are abundant. Here are a few reasons why switching to LED lighting is beneficial for a greener workplace while also keeping more green in your wallet!

Life Expectancy The life expectancy of some LED bulbs is up to 100,000 hours. At 100% operation this is about 11 years. At 50%, this gives about 22 years for just one bulb or fixture. Their longevity also means less maintenance and upkeep. When bulbs eventually do start to age and fail, they tend to simply give off less light gradually over time instead of burning out at once, which can indicate in advance for you to expect an upcoming call to your electrician for service.

Efficiency LED bulbs are very energy efficient; they rate between 80%-90% efficiency-meaning 80%-90% of the energy they use is allocated toward the actual light they emit. With incandescent bulbs, only about 20% of their energy goes toward emitting light, while the rest is turned into heat and other forms of energy that are wasted or simply unwanted.

Durability LED’s are built with highly durable components that can easily withstand shock, vibration, and external impacts as well as rain, wind, and severe weather. They are also better able to perform in extremely hot or cold temperatures in which other types of lighting, for example fluorescents, can struggle and lose lighting quality and overall functionality.

Emissions LED lighting gives off very little infrared light and close to zero UV emissions, making it ideal for heat sensitive goods and materials, as well as the illumination of delicate items, such as art and historical documents displayed in museums and galleries.

Electricity Cost Savings Finally, our favorite reason! LED lighting really does save money. They are more affordable now than ever, and due to fierce competition-almost every lighting manufacturer makes them; they are definitely a realistic alternative. Even though they are still more expensive than incandescent lighting, if you factor in things like lifespan and actual energy usage, they will no doubt pay for themselves over time, while allowing the consumer to save in electric costs immediately!

So, you see, LED lighting is a great idea not only for environmental reasons but for quality of lighting and savings, too! Contact us for a quote for an LED retrofit for your business or project today!