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Invest in Your Energy Future



Sure there are things you can do now to save on your energy bill next month (see our post on Energy Saving Tips for Your Business) but what about the future of energy in your business? There are several things you can do now that may cost more but will save you more in the long run.


High Energy Efficiency Products- The most important thing to remember when you go shopping for new products and equipment is that they are energy efficient, such as ENERGY STAR® certified equipment.

Power Strips- Use advanced power strips to save energy and make turning off unused electronics much easier.

Door Seals- Take a look at your refrigerator door seals, and seals on doors that lead to the outside. Consider replacing them if there if they are old or you suspect not working properly.

Windows- Replace those drafty windows with newer energy conscience windows.

Insulation- Improve insulation in walls and ceilings to decrease temperature control needs.

Exit Signs- Replace your old exit signs with energy efficient longer lasting LED exit signs.

Computers- Consider switching from desktop to laptop computers, which use considerably less energy.


These options are more costly now but will pay for themselves in no time. Make the step to help your business save money and be more energy efficient.