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3 Ways to Prevent Pipe Freezing


  1. Insulation: The best way to protect your pipes from freezing come wintertime is to keep them properly insulated. Insulation keeps the cold air from infiltrating pipes, so the water inside stays liquefied.
  2. No Power? Drip Water: If your property looses power, always let your sinks run a bit. A slow drip keeps water flowing through piping, preventing ice buildup, which can increase in-pipe pressure and cracking risk.
  3. Heat Tracing Cables: Heat tracing cables maintain a minimum temperature within a building’s pipes, to prevent against freezing and cracking. If your building is at risk for frozen pipes, consider installing heat tracing cables.

Would you like to install heat tracing cables in your next commercial construction project? Trademark Electric offers quality heat tracing cable installation services, to prevent your property’s pipes from freezing.